Observations delivery to MPC, CDS & PDS
Delivery of photometric & lightcurve measurement to the Minor Planet Center (MPC), the Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg (CDS), the Planetary Data Systems (PDS), and other data archives.

Occultation predictions
Based on publicly available and own tools, together with multiple campaigns of dedicated astrometric observations, we make regular predictions of occultation events produced by our SBNAF sample targets. Step-by-step we also phase in information from the Gaia mission to improve the accuracy of the predicted shadow pathes. We focus on occultation predictions for Europe (mainly Spain) and South America (mainly Argentina and neighbours) where we are in close contact with networks of well-trained observers.

User Provided Data Products for the Herschel Science Archive
The SBNAF project produces high-quality data products for small body observations of the Herschel Space Observatory. These products are based on sophisticated, solar-system specific reduction and calibration schemes. The products cover many Herschel science projects, as well as calibration observations. The products are sorted by object types (near-Earth, main-belt, trans-Neptunian objects) and split up in several SBNAF deliverables.

Asteroid-related calibration
The SBNAF project supports worldwide calibration activities for ground-/airborne-/space-projects at mid-IR/far-IR/submm/mm wavelengths by providing highly reliable model predictions of selected well-known asteroids. These activities are documented in a series of deliverables which are produced as part of WP4 of the SBNAF project.